Tuesday Truths

I've often quipped that Tuesday is simply Monday's ugly little sister. No one wakes up excited to see Monday, part 2, so I think I need to retire this retort. The universe agreed with me, popping this gem into my Pinterest timeline this morning: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/123637952261501749/sent/?invite_code=6fbb0483fe95488a987223769c87f7bd&sender=123638089678587980&sfo=1 Lesson learned. Tuesday is now its own entity. Most people …

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Everyday Poem #18

Is it true? Ask these razor-sharp words your mind shouts at your heart when obstacles block your progress when hurt dulls your happiness when indigo uncertainty spreads inky clouds of fear in your chest Breathe while you wait for that compassion and love you so freely give others to float down into that feather-soft space …

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Everyday Poem #17

Beneath the broken yolk of sunrise, flowers like gauze-- planted by moonbeam shafts streaming once white and singular and watered by the moon dreams of whispers between things never imagined-- blossom at my feet ruby emerald sapphire amethyst citrine shimmering with diamond dew. I ache to pluck and gather lovely blooms in my fist For …

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Everyday Poem #14

Today I just want to be left alone in the rare chilly ache of a lemon August sunrise carefree in my cozy sweater and crazy unkempt sloppy slept-in ponytail cradling my coffee as closely as the soft morning dreams beginning to unfold their delicate petals in the heart spaced breaths between now and when we …

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Everyday Poem #11

Allow yourself to dream if only in that space after the inhale of what you have and before the exhale into the world you want . Image: Christelle PRIEUR from Pixabay 

Everyday Poem #8

Bricks get all the attention when we build foundations, but without mortar giving space for connection, expansion, settling, shifting even the most carefully constructed life crumbles in an instant without breath

Everyday Poem #5

Who is it in you that wants to rest? Who has given more than they have received? Is it the adult or the child? The teacher or the student? The creative or the engineer? The loved or the lover? The doubter or the believer? Breathe in, breath out. Close your eyes and relax. Let that …

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