Pandemic Poem #34

*originally written 7.2.20 Darby Dan training loop and Greenway trail, 5.52 Sometimes we learn things we have believed for decades to be untrue. Like the wiry, dry flowers lining highways in July are chicory, not cornflowers. (They are both blue) Or that friendships can grow and change and evolve through conflict into something new.

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Back-to-School* Pandemic Poem #2

originally written 9.2.20 *remote six a.m. and coffeecoffeecoffee to seven or eight post meridian Eyes glossy and bloodshot from the night before learning not how to slay aliens and other things But how to Zoom without crashing and burning and how do I know my eyes are glossy and bloodshot? Because Zoom tells me.

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Pandemic Poem #38

In that space of knowing Something needs to be done But not knowing What it is What to do Where to go How to say it What to feel I lace my sneakers  And press the soles into soil softened  By an overnight rainstorm In that space of knowing  I should be writing  But not […]

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Instagram Poem #5

Sometimes we need to take
one step back
from the chaos
in the world
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Teacher Pandemic Poem #2

Our last class discussion
was devoted
to calming the fears
of eleven year olds

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Teacher Pandemic Poem #1

The children you want to send to my classroom

in the fall

are not

the same children who left my classroom

in the winter.

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AM Pandemic Poem #1


is non-billable therapy for


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Happy Poem #1

When was




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Pandemic Poem #37

Are you going to be

the same person

at the end of the pandemic

as you were

at the beginning?

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Pandemic Poem #36

Distilling my day

into words

should not be so difficult.

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