Wednesday’s Words

In my Monday post (and yesterday's post as well), I mentioned that over the last few years, the number of synchronicities with seemingly-random words coming into my awareness and proliferating of their own accord has increased. Whether this is because I love words and their nuances, or because I'm reading more (for coursework and pleasure, …

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Tuesday Truths

I've often quipped that Tuesday is simply Monday's ugly little sister. No one wakes up excited to see Monday, part 2, so I think I need to retire this retort. The universe agreed with me, popping this gem into my Pinterest timeline this morning: Lesson learned. Tuesday is now its own entity. Most people …

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I Am Not Ready

I finally mustered the bravery and courage this morning to look at the rosters of my upcoming school year, a symbolic moment of every August, that day I officially end the oft-quoted by non-teacher narrative of living the "Oh, you're so lucky you're a teacher because you get summers off to lie about swimming pools …

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Back-to-School* Pandemic Poem #2

originally written 9.2.20 *remote six a.m. and coffeecoffeecoffee to seven or eight post meridian Eyes glossy and bloodshot from the night before learning not how to slay aliens and other things But how to Zoom without crashing and burning and how do I know my eyes are glossy and bloodshot? Because Zoom tells me.

Words Don’t Wait

Funny thing about writing--once you shift from seeing your days as minutes and hours to moments and emotions, you get no say in who, what, where, when, and why story fragments show up.📚Trying to stop the words until you’re ready, with paper, pencil, peace, and a perfectly poured cup of coffee only makes them tumble …

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