Meditation #5

How is it that when we return from walking a distance we are not the same person as when we began?

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Spring…or wishful thinking?

Yesterday I added 3.25 miles to my daily total on the trail. While the snow has melted with the exception of the hard-packed edges, the northerly winds still bit as they blew. I got a little excited at seeing bits of blue sky, which made me hopeful for spring. I’m not going to be foolish […]

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Pandemic Poem #38

In that space of knowing Something needs to be done But not knowing What it is What to do Where to go How to say it What to feel I lace my sneakers  And press the soles into soil softened  By an overnight rainstorm In that space of knowing  I should be writing  But not […]

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Pandemic Poem #36

Distilling my day

into words

should not be so difficult.

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Pandemic Poem #33

Neighborhood, 3.2 Another sleepless night ebbs into a morning of walking

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