What Does Space Mean To You? 25 Questions To Consider

Today I taught my first restorative yoga class. I've taught meditation, yin, yoga nidra, slow flow, and gentle flow/challenge, but never restorative. I'm sharing my class teaching with an another amazing teacher, as we are able to organize our every-other-weekends (hers with a daughter in travel sports, me with my 500-hour meditation teaching coursework), and …

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An Experiment in Being Fully Present

Leaving something to do later, or because 'no one else will see it' is leaving a sort of energetic open-end, and that tends to tangle the energy (and aesthetics). Taking a moment to be present as we end a situation or moment has a different feel, a solid energy.

Today’s Tiny Joy: A New Flow Class with S.

I tend to be fearful of classes that are simply labeled 'Flow', because that could mean a practice with all the up-down-vinyasa type action of a Catholic wedding ceremony, and those are not my vibe. While I started my yoga journey as a devotee of the Ashtanga Primary series 30+ years ago, I prefer something deeper and more intentional in my daily practice. Today's class...

Saturday Snippet

I've been immersed in the experience of being a student on Zoom instead of the teacher, and learning that it is possible for beautiful things to happen there despite the digital divide. With the right teacher and the right energy, my assumptions about online learning have dissolved. Makes me wonder what other assumptions need further investigation against the truth of the matter.

My Reality vs. Your Standards

It seems such a conundrum. If we can unconditionally accept all the parts of ourselves (including the flawed ones, or ones we see as less), which is our reality, we can begin to accept the wholeness (including perceived flaws) of others. The external standards we have come to levy against others as a form of qualification of their existence will start to dissolve...

Thursday Thoughts: Practice

Today I'm pondering the actual definition of practice. Yes, I can Google. Yes, I can find some stock definition, but I like to deconstruct words not only morphologically, but also energetically. I want to know what energy goes into a word just as much as the roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

Sunday Reflections

Hello, friends. It's been some time, hasn't it? Today is a gorgeous, warm, mid-spring day here in Ohio, the kind we spend the rest of the year either wishing for or looking back upon. I've spent the weekend dog sitting for a colleague, which reminded me of...

Monday Musings

The first of November inevitably begins with the disbelief that it's November. For some, the year has gone too fast. For others with a love for the rush and bustle of the holiday season, too slow. For me, like Goldilocks, November feels just right. This first week of the month gives us a place to …

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Friday Funnies

I'm running on fumes today, and with trick-or-treat being last night (and kids being loaded to the gills and backpacks with candy today), I am getting through in whatever way I can. === This meme summarizes my yesterday so perfectly, I almost think Pinterest was listening to my conversations. It probably did, knowing social media …

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